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Top 3 Sales Playbooks to Improve Sales Performance

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Closing deals in the boardroom or over golf is a thing of the past. Forrester reports that 80% of B2B sales will be virtual in the future, and 30% of both buyers and sellers expect to continue working from home post-COVID.

So how do sellers remain competitive in today’s landscape? They must be equipped to consistently adapt to new buyer behavior and exceed their expectations at every turn. The key to unlocking this level of seller agility is dynamic sales playbooks.

In this eBook, you will learn:

How to improve rep performance using sales playbooks
Key metrics and leading indicators to determine sales playbook success
How to measure sales effectiveness and increase performance

Download the eBook to find out how you can increase your sales win rates with these top sales playbooks.

Driving Sales Productivity - the foundation of your revenue engine

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The premium for growth in B2B industries is higher than ever. The pressure is on for chief revenue officers (CROs) and sales leaders to optimize the revenue engine through strong return on investments into their selling organizations.

The key to a high-performing revenue engine is consistent rep performance. Read this short whitepaper to learn how to drive new levels of rep productivity by:

- Equipping your teams with the right content
- Training your reps with excellence
- Delivering world-class coaching
- Assessing progress to unlock growth potential

Download this whitepaper and start building your own high-performance revenue engine today.

State of Sales Enablement Report 2022

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Over the last year, organisations have faced significant obstacles with the way they operate, including permanent virtual work, new buyer expectations, intensified competition, and a potential economic downturn.

These challenges require companies to continue to appeal to buyers’ current needs, encourage sellers to grow their capabilities, and maximise revenue with limited resources. With sales enablement, revenue teams can feel empowered to satisfy the needs of prospects and customers and achieve consistently high performance.

In the eighth annual research report, State of Sales Enablement Report 2022, you will learn how to:

Arm Reps to Personalise Buyer Experiences: Enablement can aid sales teams in supplying reps with tailored content, guiding them with plays, and streamlining processes to create a seamless buying experience.
Prepare Reps for Sustained Success: Training and coaching programs will help you prepare your sales reps to achieve success and achieve business objectives.
Prove Impact to Solidify Enablement’s Value: By providing data-driven insights to measure the success of their initiatives against core business priorities, enablement can drive visible value and alignment across the organisation.

Download the report today to learn how sales enablement can level up its efforts to create more value for the business and solidify its role in the organisation.

Definitive Guide to Sales Enablement

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As businesses face economic uncertainties and market turbulence, maintaining profitability is more crucial than ever. Operational efficiency and team alignment are key to achieving this, with Sales and Marketing playing pivotal roles in driving revenue and business success. By collaborating effectively and implementing sales enablement strategies, these teams can create more predictable revenue streams in the long term.

What is sales enablement, and how do you create and implement sales enablement strategies? The Definitive Guide to Sales Enablement will tell you everything you need to know. 

The guide will cover:

What is sales enablement and why is sales enablement important
How to implement sales enablement
Top ways to improve sales productivity with enablement
What to measure to show success of sales enablement
Whether you're looking to optimise a new or existing sales enablement strategy, The Definitive Guide for Sales Enablement will provide best practices and actionable guidance you need to succeed.

Download the guide today

The Biggest Challenges for Lead Generation and How to Combat Them

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Lead generation isn't an easy part of business - it takes up a lot of time, effort and resources, not to mention the financial cost. And this is because it currently faces a number of big challenges. Join us as we outline what these challenges are.