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The right tools: 3 solution sets for innovative learning models

Logitech |

Unlock the full potential of innovative learning models with Logitech's tailored educational technology solutions. Our latest guide showcases three pivotal areas—project-based learning, active learning spaces, and formative assessments—each powered by Logitech's state-of-the-art tools designed to enhance student engagement, creativity, and performance.

Discover how educators worldwide are leveraging our technology to transform the classroom experience, making learning more interactive, collaborative, and effective. Join us in redefining education for the digital age.

Guide for mining executives: Enabling data-driven decisions to improve operational excellence

Siemens |

Discover how to navigate volatile markets and enhance operational efficiency in the mining industry with Siemens Digital Industries Software's executive brief. Embrace strategies to optimize asset management and operational processes through digital transformation. Learn from real-world success stories and start your journey towards operational excellence in mining today.

Is incorrect pricing hurting your margins?

Centric Software |

Successful fashion brands and retailers have learned that manual price monitoring is a thing of the past. It’s labor-intensive, time-consuming and worst of all, it’s ineffective, with critical data gaps that can leave a brand vulnerable to costly pricing mistakes. Knowing when to discount, where opportunities lie for price increases and remaining competitive against similar brands and products are the key to optimizing your sales in today’s continuously changing digital world. Don’t make million-dollar decisions based on faulty data. Today, you need to stay ahead on the temperature of trends and your competitors’ assortment mixes within the context of both real-time and historical data.

Download Centric Software's free eBook and gain a better understanding of how comprehensive pricing monitoring gives brands and retailers a competitive edge in the intensely competitive world of e-commerce.

I tuoi margini sono erosi da prezzi sbagliati?

Centric Software |

Le aziende di successo nel settore della moda hanno capito che il monitoraggio manuale dei prezzi appartiene al passato. È una pratica dispendiosa in termini di manodopera e tempo e, soprattutto, è inefficace, perché lascia enormi lacune nei dati che possono esporre l’azienda a costosi errori nella definizione dei prezzi. Non si possono prendere decisioni che valgono milioni di euro basandosi su dati inaffidabili. Oggi è necessario avere sempre il polso delle tendenze e conoscere il mix di assortimenti dei concorrenti, grazie all’analisi combinata di dati in tempo reale e storici.

Scarica l'eBook gratuito offerto da Centric Software per ottenere una migliore comprensione di come il monitaraggio esteso dei prezzi offre a marchi e commercianti di moda un vantaggio nel mondo fortemente competitivo dell'e-commerce.