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Putting Trust in Zero Trust

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The workforce is ever evolving and seeking to combine efficiency and effectiveness in their work, with the global demands of modern business.

Enter Zero Trust, a model for more effective security with an identity-centric approach.

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Rethinking Endpoint Security for Modern Work

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Though a substantial part of it, there is more that goes into implementing and ensuring the endpoint security needs of your organization are met. It’s a set of capabilities that you need to protect your devices (and users) from a constantly evolving threat reality and you’ll need to choose the right tools to match the devices you’ve selected.

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Putting Trust In Zero Trust

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Zero Trust, at its core, is not a new concept.

Over the decade since this initial concept was developed, it has been enhanced and revamped, including Chase Cunningham’s emphasis that the central focus of security should be the users. This guide walks through the three guiding principles of Zero Trust and how to deliver improved security with Zero Trust.

Identity Management and Security

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Identity management is helping organizations realign their security posture. In this guide we’ll cover:

• How modern authentication works.
• Techniques for securing network traffic.
• How to add conditional access workflows.
• How Jamf brings it all together.

Protect your devices, users and applications from cyber threats

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Jamf Threat Defense provides cloud-delivered security that operates on the device and in the network.
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Cyber Essentials in Education

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In this e-book, you will learn: How changes to education have impacted cybersecurity threats, what are ten basic security controls that EDU should be implementing, what Cyber Essentials is and how it works, how earning this certification can help your institution mitigate many of the challenges to cybersecurity.

Content Filtering Essentials for K-12

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Kids are attempting to access inappropriate or dangerous content at school every day: In New Zealand, schools recently reported that they had blocked 399 million attempts to access inappropriate content in one month.

Now that school-issued devices go home —outside of the school’s firewall— schools need some mechanism in place that blocks access to inappropriate websites from their devices, no matter where students use them. This means that schools must address student safety on many fronts.

This guide is here to help schools navigate this process.

Safe, private connections everywhere students learn

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Jamf Safe Internet is a purpose-built, education, content filtering solution that ensures students can navigate the internet without reserve and integrates with our flagship education mobile device management solution — Jamf School. Download now, to read more on the Brochure.