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7 considerations for choosing a new PDF vendor

Nitro |

Our Free eBook provides 7 Considerations to look for when Choosing a New PDF Vendor.

An IT executive's guide to automation

RedHat |

IT executives need more than IT software and tools to get their company where it needs to be. They need a long-term strategy, an experienced partner and a valued automation platform.

IT automation can help give organizations the ability to work efficiently, while scaling infrastructure. By using a single automation tool for their IT needs, they can reduce complexity and better unify siloed teams, and processes.

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Automate your network with Red Hat

RedHat |

Traditional, manual approaches to network configuration and updates are too slow and error-prone to effectively support today’s application and data transfer requirements.

Network automation helps operations teams quickly respond to dynamic workload requirements for capacity, application security, load balancing, and multicloud integrations.

This e-book provides you with a technical guide to implementing common network automation tasks with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform.

Test - Dell Test

Dell Technologies & Intel |


The Business Value of the Veeam Platform

Veeam |

IDC surveyed Veeam® customers to understand the business value that customers experienced when they implemented Veeam. In this report, you'll learn how Veeam customers were able to save time and money with our solutions

Advance Kubernetes clusters with OpenShift deployed on HPE servers

RedHat-HPE |

Previously, deployments of Kubernetes clusters on bare-metal servers were complex and required in-depth planning around users, providers, and infrastructure installers.

With HPE and Red Hat® technologies, it is now much more efficient to automate Red Hat OpenShift® installation on top ofHPE bare-metal servers, which can also be consumed in a pay-as-you-go model through the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

Ponemon Report

Aruba |

The Ponemon Institute surveyed over 1,800 IT and security professionals globally to understand the state of SD-WAN, SSE, and SASE architectures. They found that 71% want a best-of-breed vendor when deploying both SD-WAN and SSE for a SASE architecture. They want choice. Read their findings.

Il Total Economic Impact™ di Confluent Cloud

Confluent |

Molte aziende stanno optando per Confluent Cloud, che consente loro di connettersi, trasmettere ed elaborare eventi nel cloud, su più cloud e in ambienti ibridi/on-premise. Lavorare con Confluent Cloud consente alle organizzazioni di evitare la gestione delle infrastrutture, l'onere e i rischi dell'operatività Kafka per concentrarsi sulla creazione di applicazioni mission-critical che differenzino le loro aziende.

Ponga sus datos en movimiento con Confluent y Apache Kafka®

Confluent |

Gracias a la influencia de las aplicaciones en sus teléfonos y las opciones ilimitadas en sus TV, los clientes de hoy en día tienen una expectativa alta en cuanto a tener experiencias que satisfagan todas sus necesidades, a menudo incluso antes de que esas necesidades se entiendan por completo.

Total Economic Impact™ de Confluent Cloud

Confluent |

El objetivo de este estudio es proporcionar a los lectores un marco para evaluar el posible impacto financiero de Confluent Cloud en sus organizaciones.