Artificial Intelligence

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RedHat |

Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming edge computing into a powerhouse for real-time, high-stakes data processing in our latest briefing. As AI applications demand more immediate data responses and sophisticated interaction closer to data sources, edge computing emerges as the essential solution. Here's what Edge AI offers:

• Real-Time Processing: Instantaneous inferencing for dynamic decision-making.
• Data Efficiency: Local processing reduces bandwidth costs and minimizes latency.
• Enhanced Security: Improved data control with processing done closer to the source.

Learn how integrating AI with edge computing not only enhances operational efficiency but also propels industries towards more autonomous, secure, and intelligent ecosystems.

Il report globale su "State of Data and Analytics"

Salesforce |

Scopri i trend emersi dalle interviste a oltre 10.000 decision maker globali, Italia inclusa, sui cambiamenti nell'utilizzo di analytics avanzati, sulla gestione dei dati e sulla maturità dei processi decisionali con l'avvento pervasivo dell'Intelligenza Artificiale.

Scopri alcune anticipazioni con le dashboard interattive.

Putting AI, Automation, and Data to Work

Salesforce |

Metti il cliente al centro con l'AI

Leggi il report su come Automation e AI possono aiutare il supporto clienti a personalizzare su larga scala e aumentare la soddisfazione dei clienti.

The CISO'S Guide to Cyber AI

Darktrace |

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cyber-attacks is becoming increasingly common, with generative AI and large language model (LLM) tools opening doors to providing offensive methods to more novice threat actors. This white paper categorizes the different applications of AI in cyber security and explains how Darktrace’s approach to cyber AI uniquely understands the business in order to protect it from all types of attacks, including sophisticated and targeted ones created by generative AI.

Navigating a New Threat Landscape

Darktrace |

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing cyber security. Defenders are increasingly using it to mitigate risk and prepare for resiliency. This white paper explores how cyber adversaries can use generative AI as well as other AI techniques to their advantage through the lens of a sample AI-augmented attack – broken down across every stage of the attack kill chain, from reconnaissance to data exfiltration and encryption.