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MITRE Engenuity™ ATT&CK® Evaluation

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As a security leader, it’s essential that you look at how you can improve your security posture and reduce risk while reducing the burden on your security team. SentinelOne’s exceptional performance in 2022 ATT&CK evaluations once again proves that purpose-built, future- thinking solutions deliver the in-depth visibility, automation, and speed that the modern SOC needs to combat adversaries.

XDR: Spawning a Disruptive Modernization of Cybersecurity

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Please note this was a white paper that SentinelOne sponsored and the Enterprise Strategy Group put together.

As XDR solutions evolve in the market, security architects are faced with many choices and definitions of XDR. Learn more about Singularity XDR.

The Complete Guide to Enterprise Ransomware Protection

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SentinelOne's Complete Guide to Enterprise Ransomware Protection will help you understand, plan for, respond to and protect against this now-prevalent threat. This guide offers examples, recommendations and advice to ensure you stay unaffected by the constantly evolving ransomware menace.

SentinelOne Singularity XDR Use Cases

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The Singularity XDR Use Cases Solution Brief provides an in-depth technical overview of our XDR platform capabilities.

SentinelOne Value Calculator (TCO)

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Understanding total cost of ownership (TCO) allows organizations to make informed decisions about their cybersecurity investments and allocate resources effectively. Do you know yours?

The SentinelOne Value Calculator (TCO) will provide you with a customized report to show you the potential annual value of deploying Singularity XDR.

Five Best Practices for CISOs Adopting XDR

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XDR can be a valuable tool to handle many of today’s cybersecurity problems. We’ll look at that - and the impact XDR can have on meaningful KPIs - in subsequent chapters. Our conclusion talks about five key best practices you should consider on your XDR journey.

Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

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All vendors in this report have effective solutions for combating malicious attacks. Now that endpoint detection and response (EDR) is integrated into EPPs and evolving into extended detection and response (XDR), the main consideration for most buyers should be integration with security operations.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Checklist

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XDR is a strategy that helps organizations broaden their security program while recognizing the need for an expanded scope of visibility, detection, response, and automation.

Enterprise CISOs and security practitioners can leverage this checklist as they plan their XDR journey to stay ahead of the increasingly complex and constantly evolving cyber threats.