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Unlock the secrets of the sporting world to drive performance in your team

Smartsheet |

Behind every win lies months of hard work and preparation. In our latest research, we explore the worlds of elite sport and business to discover the secrets behind peak performance.

We uncover insights that touch on everything from the key characteristics of high performance to the pivotal roles of collective purpose, self-analysis, and technology.

Are you empowered and prepared to get the most out of your team?

Download this free report to learn:
- What high performance means, and why it matters
- What percentage of businesses are high performers currently
- The barriers to and drivers of high performance
- The role of tech in powering high performance

The Top 5 Ways to Power Business Performance with 5G

Three |

This whitepaper looks at how businesses can fuel greater performance with connectivity, by focusing on 5G. It begins with some of the more straightforward applications of 5G – before counting down to some of the more exciting, future-facing possibilities.

The Top 5 Ways 5G Boosts the Performance of Construction Businesses

Three |

In construction, 5G represents a world of untapped potential. Read on to learn how 5G can help boost the performance of construction businesses. We’ll start with some of the more straightforward improvements, before counting down to some of the more innovative and future-facing use cases.

2023 Ransomware Trends Report

Veeam |

Ransomware is a problem that everyone has but no one wants to talk about publicly. 1,200 IT leaders from organizations of all sizes were surveyed by an independent research firm to better understand what happened when they were attacked and what did they learn to prevent future events. Download the 2023 Ransomware Trends Report to learn from their experiences so you can make sure you're prepared.

Equipping Your Employees for Hybrid Work

Logitech |

In this report, Logitech surveyed more than 1000 IT decision makers and employees to understand the current remote collaboration experience from the perspective of the user, contrasted against employers' business needs.

Here are some of the key findings:

- Many employees prefer the flexibility of remote and hybrid work
- Most employees are still underequipped for optimal remote collaboration
- Hybrid workers are underreporting the issues they struggle with

Download now to read the full report.

How are Companies Reimagining Workspaces?

Logitech |

Companies are using collaboration technology to engage their hybrid workforce and deliver a better in-person and remote experience. This new ebook from Logitech examines how organizations are benefitting from a shift in thinking from productivity to collaboration, and prioritizing workspaces around people.

This ebook explores how companies are reimagining workspaces by:

- Prioritizing human connection and designing workspaces around people
- Creating opportunities for video collaboration in every space
- Equipping all employees with the technology to stay connected
- Offering up a better place to work.