Service Mesh

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Moving to a Modern API Gateway: A Technology Comparison |

API gateways have been critical components of applications for years, but legacy solutions are showing their age.

As organizations increase their reliance on microservices and container-based architectures, they’re finding that legacy API gateways fall short in regard to scalability, traffic management, security, and observability. To support the evolving needs of modern enterprises, API gateways need to evolve in areas such as Kubernetes support, microservices, multi-cloud deployments, and cloud-native innovation.

This ebook explores the defining characteristics of a modern API gateway and uses that framework to compare and contrast the current supporting technologies.

2022 Service Mesh Adoption Survey |

This annual survey dives into how organizations are adopting microservices as well as their usage of Kubernetes and Istio.

Key findings include:
• Fully 85% of companies say they are modernizing their apps to a microservices architecture
• A majority of companies (53%) report at least half of their production workloads running on Kubernetes
• Fully 93% of companies are using or evaluating an API gateway
• Nearly half of all companies (49%) report using a service mesh at some level with a further 38% evaluating a service mesh for use
• A majority of organizations (56%) with at least half of their apps on microservices architectures have release cycles that are daily or more frequent.

Download now to see how you can take advantage of service mesh and API gateways.

Microservices, Kubernetes and Istio: 2022 Adoption Trends | has conducted a survey of technology leaders and practitioners to understand how microservices, Kubernetes and Istio are being adopted.

The broad adoption of containers and the emergence of Kubernetes as a defacto standard have pushed the boundaries of cloud native development impact even further.

However with all new tech, when one problem is solved, another emerges. Modern enterprises now struggle to deal with the negative externalities that result from the microservice and API sprawl.

To solve for this, leading enterprises are turning to service mesh to complement their API gateways. By looking at these leading companies and how they are using service mesh and API gateways, other companies can reap the same benefits and maximize the positive impact to their dev teams and KPIs.

Download the report to discover what the key findings were.