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Multi-Mode Companion Cloud Automation

RedHat |

Explore the transformative capabilities of Multi-Mode Companion Cloud Automation, a groundbreaking solution tailored for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Leveraging Red Hat’s OpenShift, this whitepaper introduces an advanced framework for seamless cloud automation across diverse environments, from private to public and hybrid clouds.

Making financial sense of telco cloud

RedHat |

Explore the financial advantages of transitioning to a telco cloud environment with Red Hat. This comprehensive guide outlines the significant cost savings and efficiency gains that service providers can achieve through Red Hat’s unified telco cloud platform:

• Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Save 30-40% or more across your operations, with substantial reductions in both capital expenditures (CapEx) and operational expenses (OpEx).
• Enhance Automation: Implement advanced automation to streamline processes and increase system reliability.
• Optimize Resources: Leverage tested solutions and blueprints for lower integration costs and improved resource utilization.

Dive into detailed case studies and industry research that demonstrate how Red Hat’s telco cloud solutions not only reduce costs but also accelerate service delivery, improve scalability, and enhance security compliance.

Prepare for cloud-native innovation with Red Hat

RedHat |

Discover the power of combining Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat OpenShift to modernize your cloud infrastructure. This integration not only simplifies your transition to cloud-native operations but also enhances application performance and security. Here’s how Red Hat transforms your IT landscape:

• Flexible Integration: Run virtualized and containerized workloads side by side for maximum operational flexibility.
• Enhanced Security and Performance: Built-in security capabilities ensure your data is protected across all layers of the stack, enhancing compliance without sacrificing speed.
• Efficient Resource Management: Improve your IT operations with tools that simplify management and orchestration, reducing overhead and increasing efficiency.

Learn how Red Hat’s combined solutions pave the way for innovative cloud-native strategies, enabling you to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital world.

NearbyOne, 360 edge-to-cloud platform for telco edge cloud

RedHat |

Step up to the edge with NearbyOne, the ultimate platform for telco edge computing. Engineered for seamless integration with Red Hat OpenShift, NearbyOne empowers mobile network operators to deploy robust, secure, and scalable edge solutions effortlessly. From augmented reality to critical communications, unlock a new realm of possibilities and superior performance in your network. Experience how NearbyOne is revolutionizing edge services, driving unprecedented efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Simplifies SAP Automation on Google Cloud Platform

RedHat |

In this webinar, we will cover:

- What trends are driving hybrid cloud automation
- Introduce Ansible Platform for hybrid cloud automation
- Show you how Ansible Automation Platform helps to better leverage the Google Cloud Platform and beyond

Migrate and Manage SAP Environments with Microsoft and Red Hat

RedHat |

An IDC analysis determined that organisations utilising Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform had 68% more productive IT infrastructure management teams, 41% more efficient application environment management teams and 31% more productive network management teams.

SAP Users Can Benefit from Automation When Migrating to Azure

RedHat |

Automating the transition to Microsoft Azure using the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform streamlines and accelerates the process while minimising risk and avoiding downtime, giving enterprises the confidence that their IT operations will continue to perform efficiently and reliably.

Automate Your Network with Red Hat

RedHat |

Traditional, manual approaches to network configuration and updates are too slow and error-prone to effectively support today’s application and data transfer requirements. Network automation helps operations teams quickly respond to dynamic workload requirements for capacity, application security, load balancing, and multi-cloud integrations.

This e-book provides you with a technical guide to implementing common network automation tasks with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform.

Sauvegarde Google Cloud pour les Nuls®, Veeam® Special Edition

Veeam |

Découvrez comment concevoir une stratégie de protection des données dans le cloud suffisamment solide et résiliente pour surmonter TOUTE perte de données, tout en maîtrisant les coûts du cloud.

Sauvegarde Google Cloud : meilleures pratiques et nouveautés

Veeam |

Google offre une plateforme de cloud computing fiable et puissante. Toutefois, comme le stipule son modèle de responsabilité partagée, il vous incombe toujours de protéger et de sécuriser vos données Google Cloud.

Assistez à ce webinaire pour en savoir plus sur les meilleures pratiques de sauvegarde Google Cloud et pour découvrir les dernières nouveautés produits de Veeam® ! Nos experts vous présenteront :
• les principes de base de la protection des données Google Cloud ;
• comment protéger les données Google Cloud de façon automatisée, par stratégie ;
• et plus encore !