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7 Takeaways from the Nonprofit Summit |

Nonprofit Summit saw charities come together to share their digital and data transformation journeys, key learnings, and how to help other organisations as they embark upon their path to digital maturity.

Catch up on this year’s highlights with great stories like how Save the Children Netherlands grew its yearly income from €3 million to €22 million in just five years.

In this guide, get the full recap and find out how you can place trusted relationships at the heart of your transformation journey.

Highlights from the Nonprofit Summit |


Deliver More Impact with Your Data |

In a digital-first world, every organisation needs a data management plan. Yet, fewer than 25% of nonprofits report having a plan, meaning data is infrequently shared across departments and rarely used to make decisions or predict future stakeholder behaviours.

An effective data strategy considers your mission, staffing, time, budget, goals, existing technology, and more.

Download the new whitepaper and start building your data management strategy today.

Nonprofit Data Solutions |


Five Nonprofit Trends to Watch |

The fifth edition of the Nonprofit Trends Report unpacks how organisations that have embraced technology have the strongest relationships and highest rates of goal achievement — regardless of their size, revenue, or location. 

These nonprofits are more likely to use technology as a strategic lever to:
• Build and enrich relationships
• Motivate their employees
• Innovate on program delivery
• Adopt new ways of working
• Prepare their organisations for the future

Download the report and get actionable insights from more than 1,600 nonprofit professionals across the globe.

Nonprofit Trends 5th Ed Blog |


Nonprofit Summit 2022: Highlights for EMEA |

Organisations have an opportunity to reimagine how they can propel their mission forward. Watch and learn how nonprofit leaders across the globe are innovating and transforming to propel their missions forward in an ever-changing landscape.