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2024 Data Protection Trends report – EMEA Regional Summary

Veeam |

The global data protection market continues to grow, but how exactly are companies adapting for modern data protection in the face of ransomware and hybrid clouds?

In this new research report, 1,200 business and IT leaders were surveyed on their IT and data protection strategies, including their plans for 2024 and beyond.

Download the 2024 Data Protection Trends report – EMEA Regional Summary to learn about:
• Macro trends in data protection 
• Cyberattacks and other outages 
• Cloud considerations and hybrid cloud environments  
• And more!

Navigating the World of DevOps and Kubernetes

Veeam |

In today’s world, generative AI is seemingly taking over. DevOps and Kubernetes offers a new age approach so that we can boost productivity, innovate faster, and keep our data safe as AI usage grows.

Join Veeam as they dive into DevOps and discuss easy ways you can approach this land of opportunity by:
• Implementing DevOps processes
• Shifting from VMs to containers
• Leveraging Kubernetes, Cloud, Infrastructure as Code, and more

Your Microsoft 365 Backup Checklist for 2024

Veeam |

Whether you’re already protecting critical data in Microsoft 365 or just starting out, watch this Veeam® webinar as Veeam reveals the top features and considerations in our 2024 Microsoft 365 backup checklist! If your mission is to formulate a successful backup strategy for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Teams, you won’t want to miss this.

Specifically, Veeam will cover:
• Must‑have Microsoft 365 backup features
• What matters most when you adopt or change backup vendors
• Driving your backup strategy with confidence

Securing Hospital Data: Insights from UZ Leuven

Veeam |

In this webinar, Reinoud Reynders, head of department within the IT team at UZ Leuven, and Griet Verhenneman, Data Protection Officer at UZ Leuven, are sharing with you their experience as members of the team that protects the sensitive data held by the hospital. Stijn Marivoet, Belux Systems Engineer is giving examples of how Veeam Data Platform can help Healthcare institutions in this matter.

Mobile Threat Defense for Beginners

Jamf |

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Apple has distinguished itself by constructing one of the most robust and inherently secure platforms available. As the prevalence of Apple devices continues to surge within the corporate sphere, a parallel surge in threats targeting Apple devices and operating systems has emerged.

By harnessing the power of advanced threat detection and preemptive measures against zero-day phishing and malware attacks, discover how Jamf can protect your organisation against digital vulnerabilities.

Datensicherungstrends 2023 – Executive Brief, DACH-Ausgabe

Veeam |

Der globale Datensicherungsmarkt wächst kontinuierlich. Doch welche konkreten Maßnahmen ergreifen Unternehmen, um eine moderne Datensicherung zu gewährleisten?

Für diesen neuen Veeam®-Report wurden IT-Professionals zu Chancen, Herausforderungen und Strategien im Bereich der Datensicherung befragt.

Laden Sie den Executive Brief zu den Datensicherungstrends 2023 (DACH-Ausgabe) herunter, um mehr über diese Themen zu erfahren:

Cyberangriffe und andere Ausfälle
Cloud-Aspekte und hybride Cloud-Umgebungen
Und vieles mehr!

Rapport sur les tendances de la protection des données en 2023, édition France

Veeam |

Tandis que le marché mondial de la protection des données évolue à un rythme toujours aussi soutenu, comment les entreprises s’adaptent-elles au juste à la protection moderne des données ?

Dans ce nouveau rapport Veeam®, des professionnels de l’informatique ont été interrogés sur leurs motivations, problématiques et stratégies.
Téléchargez le rapport sur les tendances de la protection des données en 2023, édition France pour découvrir :
les grandes tendances de la protection des données ;
les cyberattaques et autres pannes ;
les atouts du cloud et les environnements cloud hybrides ;
et plus encore !

Windows and Physical Servers Backup Best Practices (DUPLICATE)

Veeam |

Physical workload protection may be considered a no‑brainer since so many vendors have had established solutions for years. However, the level of choice does NOT always equal the level of quality.

With Veeam Data Platform, you get several options, not only when it comes to backup modes, but for recovery options too.

Tech Review: Agile Microsoft 365 Data Protection with Veeam

Veeam |

SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 can benefit an organization in a number of ways — but they can also pose the risk of data loss. Even though Microsoft hosts the infrastructure, this doesn't replace your responsibility to back up business critical Microsoft 365 data.

This technical review from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) documents the results of a detailed evaluation of Veeam® Backup for Microsoft 365, including validating granular backup management capabilities and agile recovery options.

Veeam Data Platform: Technical Deep Dive

Veeam |

Find out what’s new in Veeam Data Platform with this V12 Technical Demo video and:

Keep your data safe with built-in security enhancements in V12
Learn to test and verify your backups
Explore new repository options in V12
Review flexible restore options, including granular and scalable solutions