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How to Start Building a Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

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Security and risk management leaders are interested in the enhanced and adaptive capabilities of cybersecurity mesh architecture, but unsure how to start creating one.

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The Rules Have Changed

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Many of the security and networking technologies currently in place that are needed to make things work don’t work together. So, as the network expands, new security and performance gaps are created that cyberadversaries are all too willing and able to exploit. 

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How To Simplify Security With Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

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Time to Reinvest in Cybersecurity? 5 Things NOT To Do

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Digital acceleration is driving organizations forward, but for most it is also stress-testing their underlying networks with unprecedented growth in users, devices, and applications. What may not be as apparent is the impact on the organization’s security posture through this rapid growth of edges, each of which is an extension of the digital attack surface.

The key issue is that while the network may be agile enough to support these new initiatives, the typical security infrastructure is made up of a collection of individual, siloed solutions that were never designed to work together. With today’s sophisticated threat environment, the likelihood of a successful attack and data breach is greater than ever.

This e-book will address 5 mistakes in security and how to avoid when evaluating next.

Struggling To Securely Keep Up With Digital Acceleration

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In today’s digital economy, businesses must move fast, rapidly adapting to changes. Increasingly, this means adopting the latest technologies to maintain optimal user experience across a hybrid network and mobile workforce. However, ubiquitous connectivity, application migration to the cloud, and investments in next generation technologies to enable digital acceleration have resulted in a rapid expansion of network edges, and as a result, potential attack surfaces.

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The Threat That Never Goes Away

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While digital acceleration and work-from-anywhere strategies may have been driven by the uncertain times brought about by the global pandemic, they remain essential for any organization competing in today’s digital marketplace. 

However, that network transformation has also expanded the attack surface organizations need to protect, much of it in new, vulnerable edges. And cyber criminals have already begun targeting these new threat vectors with advanced malware and attack strategies. Download now, to read more.