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Lifelong Learning Demo

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Discover how to deliver connected experiences and accelerate growth with streamlined learner journeys.

Top Trends Driving Business School Success

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See how educational leaders are driving revenue and expanding student experiences.

Marketing Cloud for Recruitment and Admissions Demo

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Learn how to find, engage, and admit best-fit students, and maximise ROI with marketing automation tools.

A Student-Centric Approach to Higher Ed Marketing

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We interviewed leaders at the forefront of higher education marketing to get their ideas on best practices to attract new students, communicate effectively, and create a strong sense of belonging early on.

Salesforce Backup Demo

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Organizations rarely backup Salesforce until it is too late and the data is lost. Even though Salesforce manages the infrastructure,
this doesn’t replace YOUR responsibility to protect Salesforce from data loss and data corruption. Watch this free technical product demo to get an in‑depth look into how to backup and restore Salesforce data effortlessly with NEW Veeam® Backup for Salesforce.

2022 Salesforce Protection Trends Report

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We surveyed over 800 unbiased, global IT leaders regarding their involvement with protecting Salesforce deployment data. This 2022 market study focused on current Salesforce protection drivers and trends, the roles responsible for Salesforce data protection, and the importance of recoverability.

9 Reasons for Salesforce Backup

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Do you know if your Salesforce data and metadata are currently being backed up?
If you were asked to name the person that owns Salesforce within your organization, what would your answer be?
Not knowing the answers to these questions is what tends to get organizations into trouble when their Salesforce data and metadata are compromised and not backed up.

This 5‑minute easy‑to‑read document will explain why it is so important to backup your
Salesforce data and metadata.

This report will help you start to think about:
- Who in your organization is in charge of Salesforce backup.
- How easily data can be removed or altered unintentionally.
- The responsibility your organization has to back up their own data

Salesforce Backup for Dummies

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Thousands of companies choose Salesforce’s powerful cloud‑based customer relationship software tools. However, with crucial data now stored off‑site in a cloud data center, IT often lacks control over that data and no longer has visibility into the workings of the customer relationship software. This free e‑book provides you with the background and know‑how you need to make smart decisions about safeguarding your mission‑critical Salesforce data.
You will learn:
- Criticality of protecting Salesforce data
- How to create an optimized backup strategy and recovery plan
- Best practices for Salesforce data security

Report "State of Marketing" – ottava edizione

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Approfondimenti su trend, priorità e sfide che definiscono la professione raccontate da 6.000 esperti di marketing a livello globale e con dati raccolti dall'analisi di migliaia di messaggi marketing in outbound.

Marketing Cloud Demo

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Esperienze personalizzate, omnicanale, intelligenti: il meglio del marketing per il tuo pubblico.