Learn how Azure securely unlocks value from manufacturing data

Intelligent Manufacturing made easy...

For manufacturers, the promise of Industry 4.0 lies in breaking down silos and gaining a holistic view across the entire operation, from asset data to insights across all manufacturing processes. But there are some big challenges in getting there—the data path is generally several layers deep, and enabling those layers to communicate freely can be an expensive and complex proposition. 

Microsoft Azure offers a path to overcome the ISA-95 compliance and interoperability conundrum. Azure Industrial IoT enables both established plants and new plants to be equipped with future monitoring and optimization functions for Industry 4.0 needs in addition to the classic automation pyramid—through a safe, secure, and open approach that does not compromise existing implementations.

The goal of this whitepaper is to help our customers understand how they can use an Azure nested edge solution to unlock Industry 4.0 in their own facilities. It offers guidance on how customers around the world can build cloud native industrial solutions on their terms and be ready for the future..

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