Implementing XDR to Detect Threats and Attackers | Featuring Jon Oltsik of ESG

Cybersecurity professionals face a growing list of challenges that have become universal for all cyber decision-makers. There are many key issues around adding new solutions and properly integrating them, handling digital transformation and the ever-growing attack surface, the skills gap, lack of sharing, framework utilization, and obtaining the right intel to name a few.

So, where does extended detection and response (XDR) fit in? And what other best practices should security professionals be utilizing? ESG  Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow, Jon Oltsik discussed how XDR can help you bring controls together to improve security telemetry collection, correlation, contextualization, and analytics.

Mark Alba, Anomali, Chief Product Officer, talked about how intelligence-driven extended detection and response can help you to pinpoint relevant threats, accelerate threat hunting, and predict the next attack. 

Listen to Jon Oltsik of ESG and Mark Alba of Anomali as they explore the top challenges most of you are facing. They'll share how you can adapt to the current challenges and the role XDR plays in your cyber resilient strategy.

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