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Learn in VR: The Beginner’s Guide

Any organization that wants to stay competitive in today’s hybrid work environment needs to invest in continuous training and personal development. It’s not only vital for keeping employees’ knowledge and skills up to date but also contributes to staff retention and a positive company culture.

SHRM’s 2022 Workplace Learning & Development trends report shared that the majority of staff are more likely to stay with a company that supports them through learning; but when teams are distributed and in-person training is limited, it’s time to consider a new solution.

This eBook shares how Virtual Reality (VR) can overcome any training challenge: from making training more efficient - bringing staff together more easily and offering more immersive experiences - to giving employees the opportunity to be more hands on.

Download now to learn how global businesses are using VR to solve their learning challenges, and discover seven clear steps to get your own business started.

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